Are You Free From Being Labeled Racist?

 None of us are immune to being racist. Except the obvious of course, why would someone say this? Why would I call you or I a racist?

The answer to this question is not as simple to deny as one may think.

I couldn’t fathom the reason why I was being considered a racist person. Because, in my heart of hearts and my way of thinking, I honestly believed I wasn’t racist. Please, continue reading, and you too will see how the majority of us never even consider the little things we do, on a day to day basis will be seen to others as racist.

I am currently working on my Master’s, and I have to take this Multicultural class for winter term, and one of the texts for this is titled, “Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice” written by Derald Wing Sue & David Sue. The whole first chapter is written to prepare the reader for what they are about to read and learn about racism.

Many Reader’s of this book have been offended by being “labeled” racist. To the attune of the whole first chapter written to prepare the reader and inform them to be ready for their feather’s to get ruffled. Because, if you have ever listened to or told a joke concerning race, including your own then you are considered racist.

Now, how is that sitting with you? As for me I honestly could not say that I haven’t listened to, laughed at or even probably told one myself. If you do not speak up for the person, the joke is about you’ve now become racist.  Wow, seriously? I had no idea. 

That got me to thinking. How many times had I said something that would be considered racist? I honestly can’t think of a number. Had it been many? Although I hadn’t ever set out to be racist, I discovered in some form or another I am.

Racism isn’t just against other races; it’s something that people of the same race even do to each other. How do you ask? If you’re white how many times have you told or laughed at a redneck joke? What about if you are black? Have you ever made angry comments and insults to people who you feel make your race look bad? Hispanics are just as guilty. Why? How many times have you seen or heard a Hispanic person try to pretend they don’t speak Spanish? 

Now as the end of this post draws near I’m guilty of it again. How? Didn’t you catch it? I’ve left out Asian’s and Native American’s. Why is that I wonder? That’s because I haven’t ever paid any attention to the Asian races in what they do or don’t do to each other. However, I do have Native American ancestors, and I still left them out.

It looks like I need to go back and put some thought into racism and what it truly means because I hope to become a multiculturally competent counselor.  How about you? Do you need to take another look at yourself?

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